The Law Office of Dr Curtis FJ Doebbler

The Law Office of DR Curtis FJ Doebbler

Striving for a just world in which the rule of law of respected.

The Law Office of Dr Curtis FJ Doebbler strives to provide you the best possible legal advice and legal representation. We do so through scrupulous legal research, vigorous defense of our client's rights, and an unyelding willingness to fight for your rights.  We use all means at our disposal to understand and analyze your claim, review all alternatives, and provide you with the best possible legal representation. We realize that the client is the person we represent and that the client is the ultimate decision maker. We strive to provide you the legal representation you want.


Dr. Curtis F.J. Doebbler uses all the experieince he has gained over more than three decades representing and advising individuals, groups of individuals, non-governmental organizations, and governments. He has dealt with some the most serious and difficult intenrational problems as well as a multitude of everyday legal issues to provide his clients a comprehensive and overall experience of legal protection of their rights.


Dr. Doebbler considers representation in all international cases and all cases in domestic jurisdictions where he is qualified to practice law and a question of law relevant to his expertisse arises. As a member of the Texas and District of Columbia bar his clients are protected by his professional responsibility to both these bars.


No person is ever turned away becase of inability to pay.